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Quibus Builders & Construction Managers, LLC is an independent business located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Through the last decade, Quibus has provided quality building and construction management solutions to the greater Fairfield County region.


Our construction management services include:

  • Budget estimation for construction based on preliminary drawings and specification of material lists provided by the architect

  • Value engineering to architectural drawings, with recommendations regarding design and construction decisions

  • Provide bids from at least two vetted subcontractors per trade involved in construction

  • Select subcontractors from an established network of relationships with quality, reliable craftsmenship

  • Manage and coordinate project to insure budget, quality, and time schedule adherence


Fully licensed by the State of Connecticut as:

  • Home Improvement Contractor (Lic./Reg. No. 603217)

  • New Construction Contractor (Lic./Reg. No. 9256)

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